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Special Award Rules

Special Award Rules

75 Years of Ham Radio in Hilden

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its foundation, the Hilden Chapter of the ‚Deutscher Amateur Radio Club e.V.“ (DARC) is issuing this short-term award to all eligible Radio Amateurs and SWLs, starting from January 1, 2022. All confirmed radio contacts with stations of the Hilden Chapter (DOK R04) and with stations of the neighborhood Solingen Chapter (DOK R14) from January 1 until and including December 31, 2022, count for this award.

Depending on the location of the applicant, the following number of points is required to win the award:

  • DL Stations: 75 Points
  • EU Stations: 50 Points
  • DX Stations: 25 Points

Point valuation: All amateur bands and all modes of transmission including satellites are valid. Each contact with a station in Hilden counts 5 points per band, with a station in Solingen 3 points per band. A contact with the Special Event Station DL75HIL (special DOK Number 75R04) is mandatory and counts 10 points. For two-way contacts in CW mode the corresponding points count is doubled.

Award applications may be entered via the DARC Community Logbook (DCL) or with a GCR list (verified list of existing QSL cards) to the award manager. Confirmations by eQSL or LoTW are accepted. QSL cards will not be returned, unless the applicant provides funds to cover the postage.

As a self-printable PDF file, the award will be e-mailed free of charge. Mailing of a printed award is available at EUR 5,00 within Germany or at EUR 7,00 or USD 9,00 to foreign countries. Award fee and postage for QSL returns shall be transferred to the award manager, indicating the keyword „75RØ4 Award“. Bank account information will be provided to the applicant immediately after the application is received.

Award Manager: Roland Lehmann, DL1EAL, Karschhauser Str. 4, 40699 Erkrath, Germany. E-Mail: dl1eal@darc.de

The Award is laid out full color in DIN-A4 format and sent as a PDF file via E-Mail. On request and, against a handling fee, it will be mailed as a printed document on 250 g/m² glossy carton paper.

These award rules and the award layout were approved by the management board of the North-Rhine district of DARC and have been confirmed by the DARC Award Commission.